Our OCD Roastery

Across the harbour and not too far away...the freshly roasted coffee aroma sway

Our Boutique Roastery located in Pahoia is a hive of activity where we get the privilege of roasting coffee both from single origin and blends of the finest quality. It is a place that allows the fusion of both passion and science to create a bean that once brewed correctly will leave you wanting another, and that's our mission. We will deliver it to your door! 

OCD Coffee prides itself in ensuring each bag that is hand delivered to your door is in biodegradable and compostable packaging, because we are striving to do what we love but making as little impact on our environment as possible.

Head Roaster Jamie is dedicated to quality, ensuring that each batch of coffee roasted goes out fresh, consistent and supreme for all obsessive coffee lovers. 

OCD Roastery Bay of Plenty

Welcome to our authentic and simple, yet somewhat different space next time you're seeking great espresso while enjoying an adventure to the Bay of Plenty!