Our Story

This is the story about OCD coffee...

Dan and Gina embarked on their café journey back in 2012 with a brave start up of Café four14 in a then remote part of Pyes Pa. Little did they know that the hills surrounding the café would years later have the suburbs creeping closer and closer to the boundary. Gina was the friendly smile that served the customers from the very start, and Dan was the Coffee Man. 

Very soon after that Scarlett arrived and was soon part of of the family, the Petroncini roaster found a home in the café where her her sweet aroma of roasting could be sensed from the road. Dan was at the same time captured by the beauty and characteristics of the machine and decided to expand the roastery due to the increased customer demand.   

The neighbourhood grew and with that so did the café, which became a known place for its coffee and place. Gina kept running the café while Dan had to spend more and more time in the Roastery to keep up with the fresh beans. In 2017 it was time for change. Dan had not only Gina and Scarlett to look after, baby Mylah arrived and the new family waved good bye to four14. 

OCD Coffee evolved into a leading boutique roaster; where the passion for sustainability, highest quality, consistency and excellent service are leading the path on this journey!