Sustainability is our commitment

OCD Coffee is committed to sustainable business practices, we pride ourself with our zero waste goal and choosing our packaging and everything else consciously.

Our goal is to have very very minimal impact on our environment. We send all our coffee out in biodegradable brown bags that are sealed to keep the coffee fresh and smelling mmmm..mmmmm.

We recycle paper, cardboard, glass and the very little plastic we use.

Our coffee cups and lids are 100% compostable. We are proud to only be supplying biodegradable packaging for wholesale & Shop customers. OCD Coffee believe that our efforts of ensuring we are sustainable & ethical with our Coffee & products, will lead the way to create more awareness of minimising everyday waste. Our goal is to be offering only Organic Fair Trade Coffee that will be sourced 100% sustainable and ethically from coffee fields around the world. This way, our efforts will have a ripple effect throughout the region and nationwide. 


If you love to Feel Good | Do Great , then follow us on our journey, and together we will make a huge difference by cutting down on plastic and non-recyclable consumables from our everyday necessities... e.g - Coffee! And encouraging others to live the same. We believe we can all make a positive impact and inspire others to do the same. 

Watch this space!